Maintenance Vice President

Technical Director

  • Manage the whole activities in workshop, line and base hangar maintenance

Workshop, Line and Base Maintenance

  • Manage activity to perform maintenance in line hangar and workshop effectively and efficiently

Planning and Records Department

  • Prepare, plan, control, and record maintenance activities in hangar and workshop effectively and efficiently

Material Procurement Department

  • Provide parts/materials needed in maintenance activities efficiently and effectively

Technical Services Department

  • Transform manufacture language into company and customer needs

Information Technology Department

  • Provide system information for the whole organization activities

HRD/GA Department

  • Set-up system and procedure for recruiting and development human resource comply with company needs and authority regulations

Quality Assurance Department

  • Assure system and product/services comply with costumer needs and authority regulation

Finance Department

  • Perform Accounting and financing function for the whole organization

Marketing & Customer Retention Function

  • Provide accurate information of organization capability, campaign to customer, and quick response for the customer needs and complaints